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Green Beat Organic Farm





Visit Harmony's organic farm, Green Beat, which produces yummy, fresh produce for local restaurants, hotels and the Tulum community in general. The farm is designed according to permaculture principles and features over 60 raised grow beds, an aquaponic system, dry toilets, a nursery, composting on site, chicken coupe, and drip irrigation systems. 


For over 4 years we have been growing arugula, basil, lettuce, swiss chard, kale, pak choi, tomatoes, eggplants, habanero peppers, sweet peppers, mizuna, moringa, papaya, bananas and many other goodies without the use of pesticides or GMO seeds. We work the farm by hand and nourish and build our own soil by using our own rich home made compost.


Local honey, veggies and coffee are available for sale, so please ask at the reception or farm and come for a visit!



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