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USA Today

Article on USA Today

El Universal

Article on El Universal Newspaper Mexico City

Corriere della Sera

TOP 10 Glamping Hotels according to Italy´s best newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Silverkris of Singapore Airlines

Top 10 Glamping Destinations in the world according to Singapore Airlines Magazine.

Mexico Desconocido

The TOP 5 Glamping Hotels in Mexico according to Mexico´s top travel magazine.


Article on Mexico´s Top Glamping sites at Travel Pulse.

Trivago Germany

TOP 6 Glamping Hotels according to Room 5 Germany; Trivago´s official magazine

The Happening

TOP 5 Glamping Destinations according to The Happening Mag Mexico


Top 6 Glamping Hotels according to Trivago Germany

Trivago Mexico

Top 5 Glamping Hotels In Mexico according to Trivago México

Estilo DF

Glamping Article in Estilo DF´s Magazine

El Universal Mexico

Pressed article in Universal Newspaper Mexico

Trivago MX 2

Continuation of Trivago Mexico´s article

Trivago MX 3

Part 3 of Trivago Mexico´s Article.

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